Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another Radical Obama Alliance Uncovered

It is just beyond belief that something like this wouldn't make the news. Here's a United States Senator actively campaigning for a presidential candidate of another country and nobody even heard about it. Even if you put aside the fact that said candidate promised to apply Sharia law, even if the candidate was not educated by communists, even if the candidate didn't name his son after Fidel Castro, this is newsworthy.

Check out this video about the Kenyan radical Odinga and how Barack Obama was campaigning for him within the past year.

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The Walter Family said...

Jed I think your writings are amazing. I wish the rest of America thought like you, unfortunately they do not and we are about to have one scarey president. I too am a Conservative and living in Chicago that isn't good. I get looks all the time for my sign. But owell. Life goes on. I enjoyed the site.