Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Week In The Life of Hopelessly Liberal Britain

Last week's edition opened some eyes. Well it's another week and there's another boatload of liberalism run amok in Britain. This is what happens when nobody can stand up and say "NO" anymore, relativism is the fashion, and everything is tolerated except "intolerance".

Once again I have to ask: Is this really the direction you want to go?

This is July 15th -July 22nd's moonbattery:

Times of London

Two London police officers were beaten by a mob of roughly 30 people after aksing a girl to pick up her litter. The policemen were unarmed as so many British police are.

British unemployment rate is apparently huge. From the London Times: "The Goverment has set itself an ambitious target of raising the employment rate (of the working age population with jobs) from 75per cent to 80 per cent, while taking a million off incapacity benefit by 2015."

British law gives women a full year off of work with 90% pay. Not surprisingly this has led businesses to hire less women of childbearing age.

A new British government report finds there are more than 1,000 laws which allow police to forcibly enter a citizens home. The list includes "high hedges", and to checking the energy rating on appliances. 430 of these laws have been added since 1997 when the Labour Party (Britains version of the Democrats) took power.

The British Government is poised to propose a ban on happy hours at pubs.

Daily Mail

A man's car is stolen and the theives crash it into a police car. The man is made to pay for the damage to the police car.

Woman who killed baby by throwing it against the ground walks free as judge says 'I am satisfied you will live with the knowledge and guilt every day of your life ".

Customs official who lost the data of 25 million people is given nearly $5million government pension.

School plans to remove all unhealthy items from bag lunches brought from home.

2.5 million foreigners enter Britain each month. Government study finds only 600 visitors are checked against Interpol criminal records EACH YEAR! (Even France checks 7.4 million).

British government plans to record "every phone call, e-mail, text message, internet search and online purchase."

New government guidelines require British police to respond to emergencies within THREE HOURS and burglaries within THREE DAYS!!!

350 knife assaults occurring every day. This doesn't include those among kids 16 and under, which are frequent.

Thugs stab a Shetland pony named Blondie 40 times for fun.

British Government foots half the bill for 'torture porn film' featuring teen group sex called "Donkey Punch".

That ought to teach them. Labour Party says underage criminals can avoid court if they apologize to their victims.

Government reports that 658 govt. owned laptops have been stolen from the Defense Ministry alone in last four years.

Man finds knife 50 yards away from a murder scene and is told by police to throw it away because they are too busy.

Hopelessly wedded to unions, the number of government workdays lost to strikes has tripled to 84,000 EACH MONTH since Labour Party's Gordon Brown took over in March.

Unions now give the Labour Party 9 out of every 10 dollars it takes in. In return Union leaders have turned over a checklist of 130 demands of the Prime Minister.

Peking Duck is banned in Britain by EU regulations that deem the special ovens are not good for environment.

The full list of 1,000 plus statutes that allows the British government to enter a home or business.

All state schools set to teach Muslim traditions in citizenship class while state will employ a panel of Islamic scholars. Muslim students to take citizenship classes from Imams in local mosques.


Anonymous said...

Dude. The Daily Mail is a tabloid. You may as well be referencing the Enquirer and calling it real news.

Jed Swartz said...

Huge difference buddy. The Daily Mail does have a separate and rather salacious celebrity gossip section, but that's neither here nor there. Considering that much of the media in Britain is run by the government, perhaps there's a reason you don't hear about these stories in say the BBC.

Still if you'd given me an example I'd be more inclined to take you seriously.