Thursday, July 10, 2008

Obama Is Afraid To Claim American Exceptionalism: What His "You Need To Make Sure Your Child Can Speak Spanish" Gaffe Says About Him

Obama shows his true colors in this clip where he suggests Americans stop worrying about hispanics who can't speak English and start worrying about making sure their kids speak Spanish. This is the sort of accomodation at any cost that has made Europe a sissified shell of it's once proud self.

Though not shown in this clip he also mentions that it's "embarassing" when Europeans who speak multiple languages come here and so many of us only speak one.
Anybody else been "embarassed" by this? The only people embarassed by such things are those so hopelessly liberal that they'll do cartwheels to impress snotty European intellectuals.

Remember many European countries are the size of American states. If I had to speak a different language to order a drink in Chicago or get some tickets for a Cubs game then I'd be much more likely to have picked up that language. As it stands America is large enough and successful enough to set the pace and let others come over to our ways of doing things. Obama, like most liberals, is afraid to claim American exceptionalism. He wants to accomodate everybody and dares not risk any offense. It's typical but pathetic.

The reaction of the crowd is also telling of how far liberal sentiment has sunk. When he says he believes immigrants should learn English there is some faint applause. When he says we need to make sure our kids can speak Spanish there is a wave of applause that puts the first one to shame.

Blue collar Democrats, is this the kind of hope and change you can believe in? I didn't think so.

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