Thursday, September 11, 2008

Russians Who Prefer Hard-Line Ex-KGB Types Also Favor Obama. Hmmmm..

A poll of Russians finds that they like ex-KGB Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a man who has a penchant for making his critics disappear- literally. Oh, and they also prefer Barack Obama.

33% of Russians polled said they would vote for Putin if given another chance against current president Medved, though oddly a full 44% would not say how they would vote. It would seem to me that 44% abstaining suggests a climate of fear in which those who don't back Putin at least won't dare go on record as rejecting him.

Obama recieved four times the support of those Russians polled than did John McCain.

So people who prefer a hard-line, authoritarian style government that crushes dissent also prefer Obama. At least conservatives aren't surprised.

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