Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gun Control Arguments Blown Away By Reality

This is one of those stories you keep in your bookmarks and pull out whenever you need to take a breathless gun control advocate down a notch.

A woman who was raped by a man last Saturday shot and killed him as he broke in her house again six days later.

Remember that in places like Washington D.C. it would have been illegal for this woman to have a loaded gun in her home as recently as last year. After hearing of a case like this such laws should strike you as tragically unreasonable.

Note also that her attacker came back after only six days. In her case she had a shotgun-a less likely choice for a single woman- but if she had been so spooked by the first rape that she'd rushed out to buy a more likely handgun for protection then... In Missouri they have a mandatory waiting period for handguns of "up to seven days". Who knows, she might not have lived to see her permit approved. (In IL, MA, NJ, and NC the wait period is "up to thirty days". In NY it's a whopping six months.)

It just goes to show that these issues are nowhere near as cut and dry as gun-control advocates would like to have you think.

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