Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Week In The Life Of Hopelessly Liberal Britain (There's Still Time For Us To Avoid This)

Barack Obama is "embarrassed" that we Americans aren't as multi-lingual as Europeans and no doubt most of our liberal friends could only dream of a more European style society here in the states. But while naive Americans romanticize about a European utopia, in reality the place is becoming a parody of itself.

I went through hundreds of stories in one newspaper (The Daily Mail) from one country (England) during one week (7/5-7/12) and came up with enough examples of absolutely insane liberal moonbats, ass-hats, and public policies to make anybody think twice before voting to move the U.S. in the direction of Europe.

Some of these stories are so ridiculous you wonder how Brits let their government get away with it. You must remember that you don't need a lot of radicals to cause havoc. All you need is a general liberal mindset that prizes "nonjudgementalism" as the highest virtue. Such a society is then powerless to make a stand even in the most common sense situation for fear of "judging" or being "insensitive".

Here's just a one week glimpse of where liberalism will ultimately get you
(Click any link for the whole story):

-A government funded agency is recommending children as young as three years old be reported for "racism". This includes saying "yuck" when eating unfamiliar ethnic foods.

-His house was pelted with rocks for two years. When he finally chased the punks British police arrested him instead of them.

-A prisoner warns that if he is released he will commit more sexual assaults. Britain lets him out anyway so he stabs and rapes a woman within a week.

-Days after the highest judge in the country called for Islamic Sharia law to be allowed in Britain, the former head of the Bar Council publicly agrees.

-A popular tourist spot is afraid to trim its bushes for fear of "discriminating" against gay men who like to have sex behind them.

-The founder of a children's charity blasts how unbelievably politically correct Britain has become.

-Punks vandalize a WWII Memorial, when a woman tackles one she is arrested and convicted of assault.

-Amid a crime wave of gypsy thieves, British police are told to celebrate gypsy culture in the name of "diversity".

-Britain has a TV show that depicts fundamentalist beheading nonbelieving infidels...except the fundamentalists are Christians.

-Popular British website charges roughly $190 for tips on how to fraudulently get govt. disability benefits.

- London's mayor dons a pink cowboy hat and leads the Gay Pride March. Non-discrimination is one thing, but celebration is another.

-Compulsory sex education to begin at age four in government schools.

-A cancer victim needs a judge to order the "universal" health system pay for her treatment (She didn't win the postcode lottery) Yes, they have a lottery system to decide who gets treatment and who doesn't.

-The British Government has begun giving public employees "performance bonuses". The bonuses are huge and even employees at miserably failing agencies got them.

-You have to wait years for a liver transplant in Britain, but that doesn't stop their National Health Service from selling healthy livers to Greece for cash.

-Brother of one of London's 7/7 bombers is given free trip back to Pakistan "to improve relations" between the countries.

-A businessman sees a thug smash a window. He grabs the thug and calls police. The thug punches him in the face. Police get there. Who gets arrested? This is Britain, the businessman of course.

-British police dogs will now have to wear plastic boots during searches to avoid offending Muslims.

-Multiple sclerosis patients also on the postcode (zip code) lottery system to decide who gets treatment.

-One in three British women report sleeping with TWO OR MORE guys during each vacation.

-Two students reprimanded for refusing to kneel down and pray to Allah during a public school class on religion.

-Britain strictly monitors what foods may be advertised during children's shows. Diet Soda and chicken nuggets are okay, but raisins, bran flakes, ketchup, and instant oatmeal are found too unhealthy. ???

-A man who built his own $1.2 million dream home is going to have to tear it down because it's 2ft too high for the neighborhood's liking.

-British judges are told they should stop jailing people for burglary because it is not a serious offense.

-Executives of the BBC, the British news channel run by the government, are given pay raises despite being caught up in a fakery scandal (Yes, when the news is run by the govt. that's called a conflict of interest)

-Forty percent of new teachers in Britain quit due to poor student behavior and endless bureacratic red tape.

-Such sticklers for regulations, some British hospitals are putting boots on ambulances that park too long. Then there is of course the ensuing ambulance shortages.

-The National Health Service has hired a coordinator whose only job is to help their employees find ways to get to the building. Yes, there is a bus stop in front of the building.

-Liberals need more people dependant on the government or they won't get elected. But people dependant on the government tend to be lazier than most and don't care about voting. So what to do? Free doughnuts and cash prizes from now on at the polls.

-"In 1996 - the year before Labour(Britain's version of the Democrats) came to power with tax and benefit policies based on the doctrine that all kinds of families are equally acceptable - 38.7 per cent of babies of British-born mothers were born outside marriage. By 2006, that had gone up to 49.4 per cent, some 266,000." Now it has topped 50% for the first time.

-British Government regulations require applications for air traffic controllers be offered in braille.

-And.....To show that this insanity is in fact the result of years of liberal subversion and not innate to British DNA, here's a story about the leader of the Tories (Britains version of the Republicans) and his call for sanity in the face of this nonsense.


Huw said...

The Daily Mail has slightly less journalistic credibility than the National Enquirer. So other than the the ridiculously non-representative nature of the source of every single data point, this is a good article.

Jed Swartz said...


Please do point out where they went wrong here.

Did the London mayor not lead the Gay Pride Parade?

Did the highest judge in Britain not suggest Sharia law could be accomodated?

Is there not a postcode lottery system for some types of healthcare?

Are air-traffic controller applications not mandated by law to be available in braille?

If you don't cite an example where one of these stories is fabricated, then I'll have to assume you're simply embarrassed by the constant failures of liberalism and wish to divert attention by using unintelligible lines like this:

"Non-representative nature of the source of every single data point" Hmmmmmmm

I think that means "this isn't what liberal Brits would write about themselves". I agree, who would want to make themselves look this bad.

Also not so sure about "data points". There were very few statistics cited in any of the stories.